A downloadable game for Windows

Warped is an experience like no other by TBA Games and Team Warped.

Try to survive in an unfamiliar galaxy as your ship's broken warp drive takes you to random points in time and space. Shoot things, land on planets, change the course of history. Feed adorable small creatures. To other creatures.

[Alien message… *English translation activated.*]

You are weird alien scout of kind Nixic is not with familiarity. But more important, you are lovely customer of the Nixic Bargain Galaxy! You have recent purchased new warp drive for the spaceship at the bargain price. Also in additionally, you have purchased special Nixic translation device to know all the alien words.

The breakages, the accident and the sudden death are fault of customer, not Nixic. By purchase of item, lovely customer accepts full responsibility of unintentionally happenings. No refunds.

Install instructions

Download, unzip and enjoy! Version 1.7


WASD - movement

M - Land on planet/board ship (when close)

T- Translate (talk) to NPC

Space Bar - Jump

U - Fire Weapon


warped.zip 103 MB